Benefits of Organizational Support

Organizational Supporter: An institution or organization supporting ACGIH®. Organizational Supporters are not eligible to serve as members of appointive committees, may not vote on any ACGIH® matter, and may not hold elective office. The benefits are provided to the organization, and not to an individual or the organization's contact person.

Description of Benefits

Benefits are open to the organization with one primary contact.

2017 ACGIH® Organizational Supporter Benefits Value of Benefit
(5) Annual TLVs® and BEIs® books $274.75
Annual Reports of the Committees on TLVs® and BEIs® $ 24.95
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (JOEH) (including 12 monthly print and online issues) $1,164.00
(5) FREE 7th Edition TLV® and/or BEI® Documentation Downloads* $300.00
Online access to the TLVs® and BEIs® book $100.00
Unlimited FREE Employment Advertisements on ACGIH® Website** $700.00
ACGIH® Today! Online Newsletter $48.00
ACGIH® Online Membership Directory and Information Guide $100.00
Discount on "The Action Level"®***
(ACGIH®'s at-home continuing education program)
20% Discount on ACGIH® Signature Publications**** $687.56
FREE Shipping and Handling on all orders***** $60.00
Discounts on ACGIH®-sponsored courses, symposia, workshops, and webinars****** $600.00
FREE listing and link on the ACGIH® Organizational Supporters webpage $250.00
AIHce Registration Discount $200.00
AIHce PDC Discount (1-Half Day PDC and 1-Full Day PDC) $100.00
Total ACGIH® Membership Benefit Value:
(Over 700% return on investment*******)

*Based on a retail cost of $60 per download.
**Based on the placement of two (2) advertisements per year.
***Based on the participation of five (5) employees.
****Example based on the purchase of five (5) ACGIH® Signature Publications (total cost of $3,437.80).
*****Based on current Shipping and Handling cost of $60.
******Example based on the attendance of three (3) employees at two (2) courses, symposia, workshops, or webinars.
*******Annual Dues of $600.



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