ACGIH Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

ACGIH® is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation. The following organizational chart may be helpful to you. Note that the Board of Directors is responsible to the ACGIH Membership. In turn, the Committee Chairs and the Executive Director are accountable to the Board of Directors. Finally, committee members are accountable to Committee Chairs and Staff members to the Executive Director.

The dashed lines show the relationships between Committee Chairs, committee members, and the Staff. The dashed lines represent a staff relationship rather than a direct line authority relationship. This is important for purposes of management and coordination. Staff members, even those assigned to serve as Staff to a particular committee, do not work directly for the committee. Nor are they accountable to the committee. As a result, committees do not have the authority to “direct” Staff to undertake work, but only to “request” that they do so. With very few exceptions, all such “requests” will, of course, be fulfilled in a timely manner. At times, however, competing priorities from other committees, the Board of Directors, or the Executive Director, may cause such “requests” to be delayed, deferred, or transferred to another source so that the wishes of the committee and the best interests of ACGIH are met.

Committee Chairs and committee members are encouraged to interrelate with Staff at all levels, but at the same time, to be aware of the need and advisability of official reporting relationships.


ACGIH organizational chart