WEBINAR - Current Topics for Managing Occupational Heat Stress


Thomas E. Bernard, PhD, current member and past chair of the ACGIH® Threshold Limit Values for Physical Agents (TLV®-PA) Committee, reflects on the many issues surrounding the management of occupational heat stress.  First, WBGT-based occupational exposure limits are intended to flag levels of heat stress that cannot be sustained by some people during a nominal working day. There are two protective mechanisms inherent in this approach that will be discussed. Second, OSHA’s 10 Elements of Heat Stress Management provides a framework to discuss the management of heat stress. Third, while schedules for acclimatization and work/recovery cycles are available, making these schedules work for occupational heat stress is not always obvious.  Finally, no reasonable heat stress management program will be 100% protective against exertional heat stroke, as such, other measures must be in place to identify and respond when heat stroke occurs. This webinar will outline the rationale for the WBGT-based occupational exposure limits. It will discuss OSHA’s 10 Elements of Heat Stress Management. Special attention will be given to operationalizing acclimatization to occupational exposures and work/recovery cycles. Recognition and management of risk for exertional heat stroke will be discussed, including identification of personal risk factors and emergency response best practices.

Learning Objectives

After participating in this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Articulate the underlying rationale for the WBGT-based occupational exposure limits.
  • Review a heat stress management program in the context of OSHA’s 10 Elements.
  • Recommend a heat stress acclimatization program appropriate to a site’s OHS program.
  • Recommend work and recovery cycles appropriate to a site’s OHS program.
  • Prepare a site’s heat stroke mitigation plan.

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

Industrial Hygienists
Safety Professionals
OHS Professionals with Responsibility for Managing Heat Stress Exposures
Process/Industrial Engineers
Occupational Health Nurses
Occupational Medicine Physicians
Plant/Facility Managers

What is an ACGIH® Webinar?

ACGIH® is dedicated to providing quality, scientific, educational events. One method of doing this is to offer distance-learning webinars. A webinar, short for Web-based seminar, is a presentation, lecture, or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet. A key feature of a webinar is its interactive elements — the ability to give, receive and discuss information. Webinars are as effective as on-site presentations without the travel expense. This ACGIH® webinar is 2.5 hours in duration and consists of a live presentation given via the Internet with an audio telephone link similar to that of a conference call.

Audio Option

ACGIH® is pleased to offer webinar attendees an audio option. U.S. and Canadian attendees can connect to the audio portion of the webinar via the toll-free audio telephone link or listen to the audio portion through an audio stream directly through their computer. Other international participants can listen via the audio stream without incurring additional telephone charges.*

*Connection from outside the U.S. and Canada will be via streaming audio only.


This webinar contains 2.5 contact hours and may be eligible for ABIH CM credit. See the ABIH website (www.abih.org) for CM credit criteria. This webinar may also qualify for BCSP recertification points for Certified Safety Professionals. Participants seeking confirmation of attendance for the webinar from ACGIH® must attend the live webinar or view the archive and submit a final exam and evaluation. Certificates of Completion will be issued in a timely manner after receipt and completion of these items.