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2-methyl-2-butene: TLV(R) Chemical Substances Draft Documentation, Notice of Intended Change


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This is the draft Documentation of the proposed TLV® on the Notice of Intended Changes (NIC). Each Documentation summarizes and evaluates the scientific data from which its TLV® or BEI® is derived. Knowing the basis of each TLV® and BEI®, as described in its Documentation, is essential to the application of that TLV® or BEI®. This draft Documentation is available for download in PDF format. Before downloading, ACGIH® requires that you read the Policy Statement on the Uses of TLVs® and BEIs®, Special Note to User, and the Introduction to the Chemical Substances TLVs®, available at

This document is fully protected by copyright and no part of it may be reproduced in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical including photocopying, recording, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems - without written permission from ACGIH®, 1330 Kemper Meadow Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45240-1634.

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Product ID: 9DOC-823-NCS
Publication Year: 2020
Page length: 7 pages