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Accident Prevention Manual: Security Management, 2nd Edition

Accident Prevention Manual: Security Management, 2nd Edition

Richard W. Lack, Editor

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Accident Prevention Manual: Security Management is an essential resource for safety managers and individuals with security-related responsibilities, including human resource managers, facility managers and operations managers. This manual is designed to prepare students for a career in security and safety management. This manual features new and updated sections on:

  • Management of proprietary information
  • Physical security concepts
  • Critical incident management
Find all-new chapters, including:
  • Management of Proprietary Information
  • The Physical Security Survey
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
  • Developing an Emergency Operations Plan
  • Public-Private Partnership on Security
  • Terrorism Preparedness
  • Pandemic Preparedness

ISBN: 978- 0-87912-260-7

Product Details:

Product ID: 9802
Publication Year: 2010
Page length: 407 pages