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ACGIH Applied Journal 10-Year Index Diskette


Print/Tangible (requires shipping)

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ACGIH® now offers the definitive reference to the manuscripts and columns published in the Associationís Applied Journal. With an index by subject and by author, this diskette is a time-saving tool for students and professionals alike, who need to know where to find the information they need. The index encompasses issues of the ACGIH® journal from its debut as Applied Industrial Hygiene in 1986 through 1995 with its counterpart, Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene. The index will be shipped as a 3.5" IBM-compatible diskette in WordPerfect 6.1 format unless otherwise requested. A hard copy version of the index is also available; see the Professional Development section of this catalog.

SPECIAL NOTE: PROGRAMS MUST BE PREPAID AND CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please read the description carefully so that the correct product is ordered for your application.

Product Details:

Product ID: 9603D
Publication Year: 1996