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Aerosol Sampling: Science, Standards, Instrumentation and Applications

Aerosol Sampling: Science, Standards, Instrumentation and Applications

James H. Vincent

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This comprehensive book combines all that is known about aerosol sampling—about the science and across a wide range of applications—to benefit researchers and practitioners in occupational and environmental health and hygiene, aerosol scientists and engineers, as well as graduate students in these fields.

The book is divided into four parts:

  1. Scientific Framework For Aerosol Sampling: provides current knowledge of the physical science that underpins the process of aerosol sampling
  2. Standards For Aerosols: presents the basis of standards for aerosols, including in particular the link with human exposure by inhalation
  3. Aerosol Sampling Instrumentation: covers the development of practical aerosol sampling instrumentation and how technical designs and methods have evolved over the years
  4. Aerosol Sample Applications and Field Studies: describes how a wide range of aerosol sampling instruments have performed when applied in the field in both occupational and ambient atmospheric environments
"This book is a fantastic addition to an industrial hygienist’s library." — Martin J. Lewis, CIH, CSP
ISBN: 978-0-470-02725-7

Product Details:

Product ID: 07-016
Publication Year: 2007
Page length: 636 pages