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Aerosol Science: Technology and Applications

Aerosol Science: Technology and Applications

Ian Colbeck and Mihalis Lazaridis, Editors

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Aerosols are at the core of environmental problems such as global warming, photochemical smog and poor air quality. They can also have diverse effects on human health, where exposure occurs in both outdoor and indoor environments.

However, aerosols can also have beneficial effects; the delivery of drugs to the lungs, the delivery of fuels for combustion and the production of nanomaterials all rely on aerosols. Advances in particle measurement technologies have made it possible to take advantage of rapid changes in both particle size and concentration. Likewise, aerosols can now be produced in a controlled fashion. Reviewing many technological applications together with the current scientific status of aerosol modeling and measurements, this book includes:

  • Satellite aerosol remote sensing
  • The effects of aerosols on climate change
  • Air pollution and health
  • Pharmaceutical aerosols and pulmonary drug delivery
  • Bioaerosols and hospital infections
  • Particle emissions from vehicles
  • The safety of emerging nanomaterials
  • Radioactive aerosols: tracers of atmospheric processes
“The text would be an excellent resource for graduate courses in industrial hygiene and environmental health [and] also a great read for the experienced professional interested in the latest developments and research related to aerosol science.” — Amy H. Snow, CIH
ISBN: 978-1-119-97792-6

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Publication Year: 2014
Page length: 490 pages