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Air Monitoring for Toxic Exposures, 2nd Edition

Air Monitoring for Toxic Exposures, 2nd Edition

Henry J. McDermott

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The second edition of Air Monitoring for Toxic Exposures is a comprehensive resource for industrial hygienists and other environmental safety and health professionals charged with exposure assessment for chemical, biological, and physical agents in the environment. Divided into five parts, the book includes numerous illustrations and photographs, generous appendices with specific air sampling procedures, calibration procedures, and a table of chemical-specific guidelines for air sampling and analysis. New and revised chapters in the second edition cover:

  • Air monitoring for emergency and terrorism response
  • A general overview for less technical readers
  • How to plan monitoring and use a statistical sampling approach
  • Monitoring using “sample collection devices”
  • Instruments with sensors for specific chemicals and instruments for multiple gases and vapors
  • Sampling for bioaerosols, including mold
  • And more!

ISBN: 978-0471454359

Product Details:

Product ID: 05-004
Publication Year: 2004
Page length: 688 pages