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Air Pollutants and the Respiratory Tract, Second Edition

Air Pollutants and the Respiratory Tract, Second Edition

W. Michael Foster and Daniel L. Costa

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Offering current and updated information, the second edition emphasizes the impact of air toxins and contaminants on human health and examines the latest research from the epidemiology to the cellular mechanisms underlying cardiopulmonary responses to air pollution. New chapters on particulate matter air pollution are featured, as well as chapters on indoor and outdoor air pollution research written by experts in the field. Maintaining a balance between traditional topics and reviewing current interest in the neuronal and cardiovascular effects of human exposure to particulate matter air pollution, this guide also covers:

  • basic biology, techniques, and clinical practices used to monitor and assess acute and chronic pollutant responses;
  • the effects of specific air toxins and contaminants on various populations chronically exposed to these compounds; and
  • the complex issues associated with translating science to public health policy.

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Product ID: 05-028
Publication Year: 2005
Page length: 476 pages