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Air Sampling Instruments, 8th Ed.

Air Sampling Instruments, 8th Ed.


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The 8th Edition of Air Sampling Instruments offers 23 chapters on contemporary air sampling practices and procedures. Theory chapters cover a broad array of critical topics, including sampling strategies in the workplace and the community, particle and gas phase interactions, size-selective health hazard sampling, and calibration of gas and vapor samplers and aerosol samplers. Precision, accuracy, and validity in the measurement process as well as performance testing criteria are addressed. Instrument sections provide detailed descriptions and illustrations for air movers and samplers; filters and filter holders; impactors, cyclones, and other inertial gravitational collectors; electrostatic and thermal precipitators; and sampling from ducts and stacks. Direct-reading instruments for analyzing airborne particles and for gases and vapors are also examined. Other subject areas are gas and vapor sample collectors, denuder systems and diffusion batteries, detector tubes, direct-reading passive badges, and dosimeter tubes. Sampling techniques for airborne microorganisms and aeroallergens and for airborne radioactivity are also covered.
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Product ID: 0030S
Publication Year: 1995
Page length: 628 pages