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Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control

Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control

Janet Macher, Editor

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CLICK HERE TO ORDER DIGITAL FORMAT Expanding far beyond its predecessor, this text offers a comprehensive guide to the assessment and control of bioaerosols in the full range of contemporary workplaces. The popular Guidelines notebook, originally published by ACGIH® in 1989, offered 100 pages of information. This volume is more than quintuple the size of the earlier version.

Although the indoor environment remains a focus of concern, much of the information in this publication has application beyond office environments. The prominence of saprophytic microorganisms remains; however, more attention has been given to other important biological agents (e.g., arthropod and animal allergens, infectious agents, and microbial volatile organic compounds). In addition, fuller descriptions were provided for microbial toxins and cell wall components that may cause health effects.

Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control was written by the ACGIH® Bioaerosols Committee with contributions from other experts in specific areas. The diversity in professional backgrounds and specialties of the authors ensures comprehensive, informed coverage of a broad spectrum of critical issues in the topic area.

Industrial hygienists, indoor environmental specialists, occupational health professionals, teachers, and managers will find this new text to be one of the most comprehensive guides to bioaerosols ever produced.

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Product ID: 3180
Publication Year: 1999
Page length: 322 pages