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Casarett & Doull*s Essentials of Toxicology, Third Edition

Casarett & Doullís Essentials of Toxicology, Third Edition

John B. Watkins III and Curtis Klaassen

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Presented in full color, Casarett & Doullís Essentials of Toxicology, Third Edition concisely describes the science of toxicology, and includes important concepts from anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry to facilitate the understanding of the principles and mechanisms of toxicant action on specific organ systems. A summary of key points at the beginning and review questions at the end of each chapter help you study, understand, and memorize the material.

Reflecting the expertise of more than 60 renowned contributors, the book is logically divided into seven sections:

  • General Principles of Toxicology
  • Disposition of Toxicants
  • Nonorgan-directed Toxicity
  • Target Organ Toxicity
  • Toxic Agents
  • Environmental Toxicology
  • Applications of Toxicology

Succinct and comprehensive, there is no better text for gaining an understanding of essential principles, toxicokinetics, how toxic effects are passed on to succeeding generations, how each body system responds to poisons, and the specific effects of a wide range of toxic agents.

ISBN: 978-0-07-184708-7

Product Details:

Product ID: 04-002
Publication Year: 2015
Page length: 544 pages