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Constructive Ergonomics

Constructive Ergonomics

Pierre Falzon, Editor

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The goal for ergonomics has always been to adapt work, work environments, and machines to humans. But is this goal still sufficient? Does it satisfy the needs of the individual or of societies and organizations as they operate now? Constructive Ergonomics provides an answer to these questions. Rooted both in the academic world and in the world of practitioners of the domain, it details a constructive, developmental view where ergonomics seeks to eliminate the factors and conditions that impede performance and development.

Constructive Ergonomics:

  • Provides a new framework and new objectives to the discipline and to the practice of ergonomics/human factors
  • Presents development as a fundamental goal of ergonomics/human factors and as a factor of health and performance
  • Advocates a constructive view of interventions, grounded in actual practice
  • Proposes an articulation between ergonomics/human factors and economics/capability theory
  • Explains the methodologies for analyzing and designing work, systems, and organizations

ISBN: 978-1-4822-3562-3

Product Details:

Product ID: 15-004
Publication Year: 2014
Page length: 294 pages