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Environmental Risk Assessment: A Toxicological Approach

Environmental Risk Assessment: A Toxicological Approach

Ted Simon

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Environmental Risk Assessment: A Toxicological Approach examines various aspects of problem formulation, exposure, toxicity, and risk characterization that apply to both human health and ecological risk assessment. The book is aimed at the next generation of risk assessors and students who need to know more about developing, conducting, and interpreting risk assessments. It delivers a comprehensive view of the field, complete with sufficient background to enable readers to probe for themselves the science underlying the key issues in environmental risk. Written in an engaging and lively style by a highly experienced risk assessment practitioner, the text:

  • Introduces the science of risk assessment—past, present, and future
  • Covers problem formation and the development of exposure factors
  • Explains how human epidemiology and animal testing data are used to determine toxicity criteria
  • Provides environmental sampling data for conducting practice risk assessments
  • Examines the use of in vitro and ‘omics methods for toxicity testing
  • Describes the political and social aspects of science-based decisions in the 21st century
  • Includes fully worked examples, case studies, discussion questions, and links to legislative hearings
“This text is a great addition to the field of Environmental Risk Assessment. It is informative and practical; the examples described are relevant and clearly written.” — CAPT Sarath Seneviratne, CIH, CBSP, CSP, CHMM, SM (NRM), RBP, MS, RS, DAAS
ISBN: 978-1-4665-9829-4

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Product ID: 14-005
Publication Year: 2014
Page length: 406 pages