Handbook of Ventilation for Contaminant Control, 3rd Edition

Handbook of Ventilation for Contaminant Control, 3rd Edition

Henry J. McDermott

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The 3rd Edition of this popular ventilation resource was written specifically to serve as a companion to Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice, 25th Ed. It is also an excellent study aide for the CIH and CSP examinations.

Starting with an easy-to-understand description of pressure and airflow fundamentals, the book explains “how” a local exhaust system operates to control airborne contaminants. Separate chapters cover hood, air cleaner, and fan selection. The book guides the reader through a simple design process for single and multi-hood systems. In-depth coverage is also included on topics such as: testing system performance; diagnosing and solving fan and system problems; successfully handling high-toxicity or nuisance contaminants; saving money; using dilution ventilation effectively; ventilation as a cause and solution for Indoor Air Quality problems; and OSHA ventilation regulations.

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Publication Year: 2001
Page length: 221 pages