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Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment

Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment

Wang, et al., Editors

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This is an excellent advanced college text or reference for a public health or environmental engineering curriculum and a suitable text for industrial hygienists. Industrial hygienists will find it useful to advance their understanding of waste treatment and associated issues from various industrial processes. The many case studies also provide useful illustrations of the challenges and dilemmas facing practicing professionals and are illustrative of “real world” problem solving situations. Descriptions of waste treatment methodologies, testing, and regulations from the international community are provided as well. Additional topics covered include:

  • Old and new approaches and technologies
  • Regulatory backgrounds of the various waste management issues
  • Stormwater management and treatment
  • Pollution Prevention (P2)
  • Treatments for metal finishing wastes, photographic wastes, timber industry wastes, explosive wastes, and landfill leachates
"Users of the text [will] find this…worthwhile of their consideration whether they are the practicing professional or student in an engineering, environmental or industrial hygiene curriculum." — Paul Sawyer, MSPH, MBA,CIH
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Product ID: 07-004
Publication Year: 2006
Page length: 516 pages