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Heavent: Industrial Exhaust Ventilation Design Software

Steven E. Guffey

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Designs new systems using ACGIH®'s Industrial Ventilation Manual's method with some optional improvements (e.g., bilateral junctions, more robust plenum system design, very fast damper adjustment method). Does initial duct size selection and all pressure computations, including fan pressure calculations and psychrometrics. Optimal system design facilitated by on-screen display of efficiency of distribution (i.e., percentage of minimal possible airflow at each point).

TROUBLESHOOTS installed systems, allowing simple input and analysis of static pressure and Pitot traverse data - including graphs of velocity contours and real-time comparison to previous values of troubleshooting parameter values.

REDESIGNS existing systems using data measured from the current system.

USER INTERFACE: Menus typical of Windows® software.

USER INPUT: Can change previous inputs or the layout at any time. Inputs done on “spreadsheet” table or on screens customized for a particular type of input (e.g., elbows). User inputs given extensive error-checking, and user-settable defaults minimize input time and allow sweeping changes at a keystroke.

UNIT SYSTEM: Allows switching between inch-pound & metric units at will.

SYSTEM LAYOUT: Program builds and displays a simple schematic of the system with minimal user inputs. Allows up to 200 branches and 10 air-cleaners with no limit to subsystems. Ducts are identified by a integer number assigned by the user there are no arcane "naming" conventions.


  • Tapered or plenum systems
  • Allows use of bilateral junctions
  • Automatic recalculation of pressures and flows
  • Painless psychrometrics (no tables or charts required or used)
  • Duct-sizing for round, flat-oval, and rectangular ducts
  • Recommends round diameters from user-tailored lists
  • Balances junctions by "correcting airflow" and resizing diameters or by dampers
  • Computes SPs for measurable locations
  • Fan-system effects simplified
  • Hood airflows for some hood types determined directly from user-inputed hood dimensions and conditions

OUTPUT: Print to file or paper

  • Succinct tables of inputted and calculated values
  • Information allowing fast damper adjustments and future troubleshooting.
  • Limited list of materials (elbows and duct lengths)


  • Heavent: see features above
  • Dilution: DOS-based program for dilution calculations)
  • Hv_meas: DOS-based field data-acquisition and troubleshooting program
  • Calibr: DOS-based program that assists in calibrating digital manometers


  • Installation
  • Extensive discussions of program functioning and user choices
  • Step-by-step procedures for design, optimizing duct sizes, plenum design, troubleshooting, balancing with dampers, adding additional branches to installed systems, etc.
  • Detailed, step-by-step example problem
  • Use of Dilution program
  • Use of Hv_meas program
  • Hood design
  • Ventilation measurements

REQUIREMENTS: Windows® 95 or higher.


NOTE: This item is shipped directly from the vendor rather than from ACGIH®; please allow extra time for it to be received at your location.

SPECIAL NOTE: PROGRAMS MUST BE PREPAID AND CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please read the description carefully so that the correct product is ordered for your application.

Product Details:

Product ID: 9905
Publication Year: 2004