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Industrial-Occupational Hygiene Calculations: A Professional Reference, Third Edition

James H. Stewart, Robert F. Herrick, and Martin Horowitz

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NEW TITLE! The new edition of Industrial-Occupational Hygiene Calculations is a thorough reference book that is valuable in pursuing CIH, CSP and ROH certifications worldwide. There have been many changes to ABIH equations resulting from changes in scientific/engineering terminology and the publication of ACGIH®’s Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design, 29th Edition. This new third edition has been updated to cover recent ABIH equations (as of 2017) and goes beyond that to include many other helpful calculations to either assess exposure or design engineering controls.

“Young professionals may need the reference for learning and exam preparation; and seasoned professionals may need the quick reference for day to day problem solving as practitioners.” — Amy H. Snow, CIH

ISBN: 978-0-9671934-6-5

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Product ID: 18-001
Publication Year: 2017
Page length: 155 pages