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Industrial Health, 2nd Ed.

Industrial Health, 2nd Ed.

Jack E. Peterson

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Industrial Health focuses on the fundamentals and principles behind attempts to evaluate and control hazards in the environment. Occupational hazards are stressed, ranging from chemical toxins to various energy forms. Sixteen chapters cover: Entry and Toxic Action of Chemical Substances; Laboratory Determination of Toxicity; Gases; Metals and Metalloids; Pneumoconioses; Organic Solvents; Monomers and Polymers; Pesticides; Sensitization and Dermatitis; Carcinogenesis; Abnormal Pressure; Noise; Biothermal Stress; Nonionizing Radiation; Ionizing Radiation; and Hazard Evaluation Control.
ISBN: 978-0-936712-91-8

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Product ID: 3250
Publication Year: 1991
Page length: 350 pages