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Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Design, 29th Edition


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Since its first edition in 1951, Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice has been used by engineers, regulators and industrial hygienists to design and evaluate industrial ventilation systems.

Beginning with the 26th Edition, the Manual has undergone several major reorganizations and upgrades:

  • A major reorganization into two Manuals this Design Manual and the addition of a second compendium Manual dedicated to operation and maintenance (Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice for Operation and Maintenance)
  • Subsequent additions of chapters on organization and evaluation of systems
  • Metric solutions and tables, and
  • Calculation sheets and methods.
Now in its 29th Edition, the Manual will include even more information on combustible dusts, nano-particles, new air control techniques and fan design information, more example problems, and more suggestions for hood designs.

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ISBN: 978-1-607260-87-5

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Publication Year: 2016