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Leading to Occupational Health and Safety: How Leadership Behaviours Impact Organizational Safety and Well-Being (Paperback)

E. Kevin Kelloway, et al. (Editors)

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NEW TITLE! In Leading to Occupational Health and Safety, researchers explore the pervasive roles that leaders play in determining the health, safety and mental well-being of employees in organizations.

  • Directly links organizational leadership behaviors with health and safety outcomes, covering theory, research and evidence-based best practice
  • Argues that a leaderís impact can be far more far-reaching than is commonly realized, and examines the effects of leadership on safety, physical wellness and well-being, and psychological well-being
  • Explores the theoretical underpinnings of effective leadership styles and behaviors, and advances both research and practice in order to encourage better leadership and healthier, safer organizations
  • Features contributions from internationally known and respected researchers

ISBN: 978-1-118-97374-5

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Product ID: 17-005P
Publication Year: 2017
Page length: 344 pages