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Million Dollar Consulting, 5th Edition, Revised

Alan Weiss

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NEW EDITION! NOW AVAILABLE! In this revised fifth edition of Million-Dollar Consulting, the author provides his time-tested model on creating a flourishing consulting business, while incorporating and focusing on the many dynamic changes in solo and boutique consulting, coaching, and entrepreneurship.

In addition to guidance on raising capital, attracting clients, and creating a marketing plan, he also gives step-by-step advice on:

  • Harnessing today’s global opportunities
  • Developing brands across markets
  • Creating and licensing intellectual property
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of social media
  • Landing unsolicited referrals through counterintuitive methods
  • Managing and organizing your time wisely
  • Succeeding in the face of continuing turbulence
Find out why this book has been the classic go-to for consultants for nearly 25 years.

ISBN: 978-1-259588-61-7

Product Details:

Product ID: 03-025
Publication Year: 2016
Page length: 400 pages