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Nanotechnology: Environmental Implications and Solutions

Nanotechnology: Environmental Implications and Solutions

Louis Theodore, Robert G. Kunz

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This book explores the fundamentals of nanotechnology and the potential health and environmental risks posed by the development of this new technology and its byproducts. Because rapid innovation in nanotechnology has produced a need for science and industry to effectively address the environmental, social, and ethical implications of nanotechnology, the authors have provided a concise review of the issues surrounding this technology some view as revolutionary. In-depth discussions of the following topics are included:

  • Control, monitoring, and reduction of nanotech byproducts and their impact on the air, water, and land
  • The future of nanotechnology and the “Industrial Revolution II”
  • Legal Implications of nanotechnology
  • Health risks: Assessment and Control
  • Nanotech hazard risk assessment—emergency response and personnel training
  • Social and ethical implications of nanotechnology-based materials and processing methods

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Product ID: 06-006
Publication Year: 2005
Page length: 378 pages