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Nanotoxicology: Toxicity Evaluation, Risk Assessment and Management

Vineet Kumar, Nandita Dasgupta, Shivendu Ranjan

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NEW TITLE! An A to Z reference book for the industrial hygienist, this book provides a detailed explanation of the toxicology of nanoparticles (UNP) for safety and health professionals. The book covers issues such as the basic principles of nanotoxicity, methods used for nanotoxicity evaluation, risk assessment and its management for nanomaterial toxicity with a focus on current trends, limitations, challenges, and future directions of nanotoxicity evaluation.

The application of nanotechnology in the varied disciplines of science and engineering brings benefits but can also produce serious threats to human health and the environment that must be evaluated. The nanometric size of nanomaterials can invite some detrimental effects on the health and well-being of living organisms and the environment. Thus, it is important to distinguish nanomaterials with such ill effects from nanomaterials with no or minimum toxicity.

Various experts from different countries discuss these issues in detail in this book, which will be helpful to researchers, educators, and students who are interested in research opportunities for avoiding the environmental and health hazards of nanomaterials. This book will also be useful for industrial practitioners, policy makers, and other professionals in the fields of toxicology, medicine, pharmacology, food, drugs, and other regulatory sciences.

“I recommend this book as a desktop reference for ESH personnel who are seeking to understand UNP…It provides detailed information on the routes of entry, potential effects and materials where it may be expected. It would also serve as an excellent text for a classroom course on UNP.” — David L. Barber, CIH

ISBN: 978-1-4987-9941-6

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Product ID: 18-003
Publication Year: 2018
Page length: 684 pages