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Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

Andrew W. Wood and Ken Karipidis (Editors)

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NEW TITLE! This book explains the characteristics of all forms of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation (NIR) and analyzes the relationship between exposure and its biological effects, as well as the known dose-response relationships associated with each. Taking a uniquely holistic approach to the concept of health that builds upon the WHO definition to include not only absence of disease, but the physical, mental and social well-being of individuals and the population, it reviews established and potential risks and protections, along with regulatory issues associated with each.

  • Summarizes scientific findings of the safety of different forms of NIR and the rationale behind current standards
  • Describes devices for monitoring along with the established and potential hazards of each form
  • Explores proper protections against UV light and lasers, RF radiation, ELF fields and other forms of NIR
  • Discusses how to avoid injuries through occupational training or public awareness programs, and how to perform medical assessments in cases of suspected NIR injuries
  • Considers how to decide whether to spend money on certain mitigation measures, based on cost-benefit analyses
Offering expert reviews and analyses of the latest scientific findings and public policy issues concerning the risks to public health and the environment of NIR, Non-ionizing Radiation Protection is an indispensable source of information for manufacturers, government regulators, and regulatory agencies, as well as researchers, concerned laypersons, and students.

ISBN: 978-0-471-44681-1

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Product ID: 18-005
Publication Year: 2018
Page length: 608 pages