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Occupational Safety and Health Simplified for the Industrial Workplace

Frank R. Spellman

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Occupational Safety and Health Simplified for the Industrial Workplace provides quick answers to complicated questions to industrial businesses, workplaces, and managers. It makes the difficult task of complying with the 29 CFR 1910 regulations easier to manage. From general safety provisions to violence in the workplace to hazardous wastes, it examines the standards of 29 CFR 1910 one-by-one with non-technical, implementation-friendly explanations of the requirements and how to implement and fulfill them.

Providing a breakdown of the training standards for industrial applications, the book demonstrates how to prevent the leading causes of fatal accidents, which OSHA industrial standards are violated most often, and how non-Spanish-speaking managers can effectively communicate safety requirements with Spanish-speaking employees. Also, this book provides answers to a broad range of compliance questions that include: who is obligated to observe the law, what are OSHA compliance obligations, and how state OSHA compares to federal OSHA standards.

“This is an excellent, simplified edition that covers a wide variety of topics. It would make an excellent text for those new to the field of IH safety or those needing a brief refresher.” — Sylvia Fontes, CIH

ISBN: 978-1-5988-809-6

Product Details:

Product ID: 16-004
Publication Year: 2016
Page length: 480 pages