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Pre-Accident Investigations: Better Questions — An Applied Approach to Operational Learning

Todd Conklin, PhD

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NEW TITLE! This book provides a thought-provoking approach to human performance and safety management, prompting safety professionals to predict incidents by asking better questions. Taking a non-traditional approach to safety and based on practical concepts, advice, tools, and programs that have been proven in the field and made successful, this book also:

  • Assists the safety professional to not only begin a transition towards a new approach to leading safety and operational understanding, but also how to expand and perpetuate a company culture based on new ideas for safety
  • Provides a review and detailed operational discussion about the important actions an organization must take in order to begin transitioning to a predictive learning practice
  • Shows the safety leader how to redefine safety — moving from seeing safety as an outcome to be managed, to a capacity to be built and maintained
  • Presents how to change the way the organization learns about operational success and operational failure

“This book is an excellent reference for the safety professional. After reading this book, you could be motivated to explore your own organization’s safety program and accident causation system.” — David L. Barber, CIH

ISBN: 978-1-4724-8613-4

Product Details:

Product ID: 16-007
Publication Year: 2016
Page length: 138 pages