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Risk-Reduction Methods for Occupational Safety and Health

Risk-Reduction Methods for Occupational Safety and Health

Roger C. Jensen

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Risk-Reduction Methods for Occupational Safety and Health integrates the fields of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics, enabling readers to anticipate industry hazards and implement tested and proven strategies to possibly avoid or minimize the harm and damages. Organized into five parts, the book features:

  • Fundamental principles and definitions of key terms essential to understanding the concepts in the book
  • Essential system safety tools for OSH professionals
  • Common components of OSH programs, combining all risk-reduction tactics into nine core risk-reduction strategies
  • Risk reduction for energy sources including kinetic, electrical, acoustic, thermal, fires, explosions, pressure, electromagnetic, weather, and geological events
  • Risk reduction for other than energy sources including workplace hazards, chemical substances, biological agents, musculoskeletal stressors, and acts of violence
I highly recommend this book for anyone involved in safety and health no matter their experience level. David Barber, CIH
ISBN: 978-0-470-88141-5

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Product ID: 12-006
Publication Year: 2012
Page length: 392 pages