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Safety Metrics: Tools and Techniques for Measuring Safety Performance, Third Edition

Safety Metrics: Tools and Techniques for Measuring Safety Performance, 3rd Edition

Christopher A. Janicak

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This practical guide – and popular reference – aids in the evaluation of the efficiency of a company’s current safety and health processes and in making fact-based decisions that continually improve overall performance. Newly updated, this edition now also demonstrates how to incorporate safety management system components into a safety performance program and provides additional techniques for analyzing safety performance data.

Written for safety professionals with limited exposure to statistics and safety-performance-measurement strategies, this comprehensive book shows how to assess trends, inconsistencies, data, safety climates, and training in a workplace and how to identify areas that need corrective actions before an accident or injury occurs. The author includes both an overview of safety metrics, data collection, and analysis and a set of detailed procedures for collecting data, analyzing it, and presenting it.

A comprehensive collection of tools and techniques that includes run charts and control charts, trending and forecasting, benchmarking, insurance rating systems, performance indices, the Baldrige Model, and six sigma are included. Exercises and questions are included in each chapter and allow readers to practice and review the techniques presented. All answers are provided in an appendix.

ISBN: 978-1-59888-754-9

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Product ID: 03-001
Publication Year: 2015
Page length: 256 pages