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Achieving Environmental Excellence: Integrating P2 and EMS to Increase   Profits

Achieving Environmental Excellence provides a practical approach to maximizing the long-term profitability and sustainability of a business by merging pollution prevention (P2) techniques with an environmental management system (EMS).

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Product #05-007
Air Quality, Fifth Edition

The new edition of this bestseller includes updated information on topics that effect air quality such as global warming, global dimming, international issues associated with air quality and its regulation, atmospheric deposition, atmospheric chemistry, and health and environmental effects of atmospheric pollution.

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Product #9803

This test is to be taken in conjunction with our 2-½ hour webinar on endotoxins.

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Product #WB-002TEST

This test is to be taken in conjunction with our 2-½ hour webinar Demonstrating the Value of Your EH&S Program in Tough Economic Times.

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Product #WB-013TEST
Environmental Law Handbook, 22nd Edition (Temporarily Out of Stock)

The environmental field and its regulations have evolved significantly since Congress passed the first environmental law in 1970, and the Environmental Law Handbook, published just three years later, has been indispensable to students and professionals ever since.

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Product #01-036

This reference brings together 28 contributing authors who combine their expertise to address where we have come from, what we are facing, and where we can go in the future.

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Product #9823
Environmental Risk Assessment: A Toxicological Approach

Environmental Risk Assessment: A Toxicological Approach examines various aspects of problem formulation, exposure, toxicity, and risk characterization that apply to both human health and ecological risk assessment.

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Product #14-005

Designed as a source of information for those involved in the emerging and increasingly important topic of risk harmonization, irrespective of their background, this text focuses on the environment as a source of risk to humans.

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Product #9824
Environmental Technologies Handbook

This easy-to-read reference guide to new and emerging pollution prevention and control technologies will assist environmental health and safety professionals with regulatory obligations, increase sustainability, and ensure social responsibility.

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Product #05-027

This test is to be taken in conjunction with our 2-½ hour webinar Ethical EH&S: Effective Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Economy.

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Product #WB-015TEST
Guide to Environment Safety and Health Management: Developing, Implementing, and Maintaining a Continuous Improvement Program

This book guides the reader through the challenges of developing and maintaining an effective ES&H program for any organization.

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Product #15-005
Hazardous Industrial Waste Treatment

This is an excellent advanced college text or reference for a public health or environmental engineering curriculum and a suitable text for industrial hygienists.

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Product #07-004
Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases: Diseases from Work, Home,
   Outdoor and Other Exposures

This reference documents both environmental and occupational causes of lung disease from the viewpoint of the individual experiencing respiratory symptoms.

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Product #11-007
Security Management for Occupational Safety

This book provides a framework through which occupational safety practitioners can critically examine their organizational environments and make them safer while assuming a best possible relationship between obtrusion and necessity.

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Product #14-007
Wiley*s Remediation Technologies Handbook: Major Contaminant Chemicals and
   Chemical Groups

An all-in-one collection of remediation technologies, a resource that will certainly assist remediation professionals in developing fast, effective programs to counter the impact of environmental pollution.

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Product #04-021

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