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Securing Utility and Energy Infrastructures

Securing Utility and Energy Infrastructures

Larry Ness, PhD

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Securing Utility and Energy Infrastructures addresses the growing post-9/11 concern about the vulnerability of our utility and energy industries to external and internal threats or attacks, and stresses the importance of a preventive rather than a reactive approach to the safety of utility and energy industries. It presents a detailed blueprint for safeguarding these vital fields, discussing how to protect the electric, oil and gas, nuclear, telecommunications, and water industries from a conventional or terrorist attack.

This book explains how to look for and monitor potential physical vulnerabilities at a plant or water facility, to assess what contaminants might be introduced to cause a catastrophic event, and how to integrate and perform vulnerability assessments and emergency response plans. Major types of threats are discussed and the economic impacts examined. The text also provides basic information on security crisis management planning, security policies, procedures, and guidelines along with current information on federal, state, and private safety efforts to secure utility and energy infrastructures.
ISBN: 978-0-471-70525-3

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Product ID: 07-001
Publication Year: 2006
Page length: 360 pages