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STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence

STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence

Terry L. Mathis and Shawn M. Galloway

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STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence is based on the authors’ firsthand experience working with international organizations in every major industry that have successfully developed and implemented ongoing cultures of safety excellence. The STEPS process enables organizations to instill Safety Culture Excellence within the organization.

STEPS (Strategic Targets for Excellent Performance in Safety) demystifies the process of developing Safety Culture Excellence by breaking it down into small logical, internally led tasks. The sequence of STEPS makes it possible to:

  • Create a culture of excellence that is reinforced and empowered at every level
  • Develop the capability within the culture to identify, prioritize, and solve safety problems and challenges
  • Maintain and continuously improve the performance of your organization's safety culture
“This is an essential text that should be on everyone’s desk.”
— David Barber, MS, CIH
ISBN: 978-1-118-09848-6

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Product ID: 13-002
Publication Year: 2013
Page length: 216 pages