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Ventilation for Control of the Work Environment, 2nd Edition

Ventilation for Control of the Work Environment, 2nd Edition

William A. Burgess, Michael J. Ellenbecker and Robert D. Treitman

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This book is designed to be used with the latest edition of ACGIH®s Industrial Ventilation: A Manual of Recommended Practice and provides detailed coverage of theoretical and practical aspects of industrial ventilation systems. The new edition features end-of-chapter problem sets, both English and metric units, new ventilation practices, and research advances. Topics covered include: <il>

  • Overview of industrial exhaust ventilation and its impact
  • Methods and instrumentation for measuring airflow
  • Hood design, selection, and performance; fan design and performance
  • Computational flow dynamics
  • Fluid mechanics, general exhaust ventilation, and air-cleaning devices
  • The design of local exhaust ventilation systems
  • The re-entry of exhausted air "I used the first edition quite extensively in my practice, this second edition is an excellent update!" Sylvia Fontes, CIH, MS
    ISBN: 978-0471095323
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    Product ID: 05-003
    Publication Year: 2004
    Page length: 424 pages