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Ventilation for Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Ventilation for Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Brian A. Rock

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Written to educate companies about obstructed ventilation systems due to tobacco smoke within their facilities, this book addresses the odor and irritant properties associated with environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) and is a guide for the design of efficient ventilation systems and units for optimum air quality. The author draws on the general methods—source control, separation, local exhaust, dilution, and air cleaning—for contaminant control and applies them directly to ETS. ETS ventilation principles are applied to a wide variety of areas including offices, restaurants, bars, casinos, smoking lounges, prisons, hotels, apartments, and dormitories.

Ventilation rates, types of ventilation systems and configurations, and control methods for interfaces between smoking and non-smoking spaces are also covered.
ISBN: 978-0-12-370886-1

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Product ID: 06-024
Publication Year: 2006
Page length: 216 pages