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Derived No Effect Levels (DNELs): What Are They and How Will They Change the Occupational Health (OEL) Landscape? - ON-DEMAND WEBINAR


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The European Union (EU) REACH regulation has prompted hazard and exposure assessments and risk characterizations of thousands of existing substances currently in commerce in the EU. Derived No Effect Levels (DNELs) are examples of the information being generated as a result of the new requirements, and are used for purposes of risk characterization. There are some concerns that DNELs will become de-facto occupational exposure limits (OELs) an issue this webinar addresses. To adequately assess how DNELs compare to OELs, it is important to understand how they are derived and how they will be applied or used in Europe. Just as OELs have limitations and conditions regarding their use, the same can be said for DNELs and that comparison is made as well. Finally, the benefits of DNELs and how they could fit into the OEL derivation process are discussed.

After participating in this webinar, attendees will:

  • Understand what a DNEL is, the level of customization, and how DNELs are derived.
  • Understand the aspects that are to be considered when deriving a DNEL.
  • Understand the real-world application of DNELs in Europe.
  • Know how DNELs compare to OELs.
  • Be aware of the potential direct and indirect benefits of DNELs.
  • Be aware of the limitations and boundaries of use.
  • Understand how a DNEL might be used in OEL development.
  • Know where the data can be found and what ECHA and stakeholders might do with the DNELs and associated information.

This webinar is 2.5 hours in length and may be eligible for certification maintenance points.

Product Details:

Product ID: WB-017-USB
Publication Year: 2010