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Exposures and Impacts Associated with Occupational and Non-occupational Audible Sound and Ototoxic Chemicals - ON-DEMAND WEBINAR


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Overexposure to audible sound is known to cause hearing loss and a variety of other adverse health outcomes. Exposures to ototoxic compounds can also cause hearing loss, either in the absence of, or in combination with, exposure to audible sound. This webinar will describe our current knowledge regarding exposures to harmful audible sound in the workplace and in recreational settings and will also review data on the associations between these exposures and two primary health outcomes, hearing loss and cardiovascular disease. The webinar will also describe available information on exposures to, and effects of, a range of ototoxic agents. After attending the webinar, viewers will have a better understanding of occupational and non-occupational exposures to audible sound and ototoxic agents, as well as of the possible health outcomes associated with these exposures.

Learning Objectives:

After viewing this webinar, you will:

  • Describe levels and trends in occupational and recreational exposures to audible sound in the U.S.
  • Recognize key health outcomes associated with excessive exposure to audible sound
  • Describe common ototoxic agents that workers may encounter in both occupational and non-occupational settings
  • Identify recommended exposure limits that can be used to evaluate workers’ exposures to audible sound and ototoxic agents
  • Identify available resources from which additional information on these exposures and health outcomes can be obtained

This webinar is 2 hours in length and may be eligible for certification maintenance points.

Product Details:

Product ID: WB-043-USB
Publication Year: 2019