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Work Design: Occupational Ergonomics, Seventh Edition

Work Design: Occupational Ergonomics, Seventh Edition

Stephan Konz and Steven Johnson

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The seventh edition of Work Design: Occupational Ergonomics gives readers the tools they need to achieve work design that is ergonomically effective while remaining economically feasible. Whether studying work design/ergonomics in a college classroom, preparing for the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) exam, or working as a professional in the field, readers can depend on this text to provide them with the information they need.

Work Design is a single source for ergonomics, work design, and work measurement. Its engineering orientation equips readers with practical design information and procedures; its explicit organization, engaging, conversational style, and clear explanations make it easy to read and understand. The book’s many charts and graphics dynamically illustrate important concepts and principles, and its extensive references give readers confidence in the text.

Highlights include:

  • Chapters on: office ergonomics; engineering design; determining time/job; safety; the chemical environment; error reduction; temporal ergonomics; standard ergonomics.
  • Reorganization and fewer chapters, resulting in a streamlined presentation of material.
  • Downloadable version of the ERGO software (The software offers easy access to more than 100 ergonomics tools divided into categories such as Forms, Anthropometry, Environment, Lift/Move, Work Physiology, Statistics/Math, Time, and Units. Metric or U.S. units may be used with the software.)


Product Details:

Product ID: 9145
Publication Year: 2008
Page length: 620 pages