John J. Bloomfield Award

2017 Awardee


The John J. Bloomfield Award is presented to a young industrial hygienist who pursues the problem of occupational health hazards primarily by doing fieldwork. This year’s Bloomfield Award recipient is Lucinette Alvarado, MS, CIH.

Mrs. Alvarado earned a Bachelor’s degree in General Sciences and a Master’s degree in Sciences of Industrial Hygiene, both acquired at the University of Puerto Rico. She was born and raised in Bayamón, Puerto Rico and moved to the United States in 2007.

Mrs. Alvarado is a board certified industrial hygienist in comprehensive practice with experience in the chemical, manufacturing, steel and pharmaceutical industries. She currently works as an industrial hygienist in the Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs group at Covestro LLC in Pittsburgh, PA. Her responsibilities include: conducting industrial hygiene surveys and safe use and handling presentations at customer facilities; interpreting industrial hygiene monitoring results; and making recommendations to customers. Prior to joining Covestro LLC, Mrs. Alvarado was the Manager of Industrial Hygiene Services at AM Health and Safety, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA. As the Manager of Industrial Hygiene Services, she performed consulting work for clients in the United States and internationally. She has experience developing and overseeing implementation of occupational health and safety training programs in a variety of industrial settings, assessing ventilation systems and conducting indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations.  

Mrs. Alvarado became a member of ACGIH® in 2014 and is a member of the ACGIH® Industrial Ventilation Committee. She is currently working on a project to provide an industrial ventilation course for the Latin American community. She brings her passion to this project and hopes to help ACGIH® successfully launch this course in Latin America in the coming years. The course will be located in the Southern Hemisphere as a part of ACGIH®’s outreach program. Mrs. Alvarado is also a member of AIHA. As the Director of Communications at AIHA’s Minority Special Interest Group (SIG), Mrs. Alvarado provides information to Minority SIG members about activities and/or issues pertaining to the objectives of the Minority SIG. The communications committee publishes and distributes a quarterly newsletter.

As a young industrial hygienist, Mrs. Alvarado has made significant contributions to the field and is expected to continue as a leader in environmental health and safety and represent Latin American occupational health and safety professionals. The award will be announced at the ACGIH® Membership Reception and Annual Meeting of the Membership and at the AIHce Opening Session, and presented at the Mark of Excellence Breakfast.

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