September 16, 2013

All 27 ACGIH® Air Sampling Technologies: Principles and Applications Monographs Now Available!

All monographs from the future ACGIH® Signature PublicationAir Sampling Technologies: Principles and Applications — have been added to the ACGIH® Online Publications Store. Topics include: Aerosol Sampler Calibration; Air Sampling and Program Development for Occupational Hygiene Interventions in Developing Countries; Air Sampling Pumps and Accessories; Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Community Air Sampling; An Overview of Air Sampling Methodologies: Instrumentation and Analytical Techniques for Evaluation of Atmospheric Contaminants; Bayesian Analysis for Industrial Hygiene Applications; Bioaerosol Sampling and Analytical Techniques; Calibration of Gas and Vapor Samplers; Confined Space Testing; Denuder Systems and Diffusion Batteries; Diffusive Samplers; Direct-Reading Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy for Occupational and Environmental Air Monitoring; Direct-Reading Instruments for Analyzing Airborne Particles; Direct-Reading Instruments for Gas and Vapor Detection; Field Portable Measurements of Airborne Metal Particuates; Indoor Air Quality; Impactors, Cyclones, and Other Particle Collectors; Measurement and Presentation of Aerosol Size Distributions; Microscopic Analysis of Airborne Particles and Fibers; Nanoparticles and Ultrafine Aerosol Measurements; Particle and Gas Phase Interaction in Air Sampling; Particle Size-Selective Sampling; Performance Standards and Criteria for Air Sampling and Monitoring Instruments; Regulation Compliance, Standard Methods and Guidelines for Workplace Air Sampling and Analysis of Chemical Contaminants; Sampling Airborne Radioactivity; Sampling for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Agents during Emergency Response to Mass Destructive Attacks, Terrorism, and Chemical Disasters; and Sampling for Ducts and Stacks. Click here to get your copy today!


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