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Air Sampling Instruments 9th Edition Released By ACGIH® Signature Publications Series



Cincinnati, Ohio - June 29, 2001 - ACGIH® Worldwide has published the 9th Edition of Air Sampling Instruments, which is one of over 25 titles featured in the ACGIH® Signature Publications Series.

The 9th Edition of Air Sampling Instruments is published by ACGIH®, and edited by Dr. Beverly S. Cohen of New York University, and Dr. Charles S. McCammon, Jr. of Tri-County Health Department in Commerce City, Colorado. A list of Chapter Authors follows this release. This new edition offers 23 chapters on contemporary air sampling practices and procedures. It addresses both occupational and environmental air sampling issues, and presents measurement methods for both gaseous and particulate air contaminants. The book, developed by the ACGIH® Committee on Air Sampling, is divided into two major areas:

The Measurement Process

  • An overview of the sampling and analysis of air contaminants
  • Occupational and environmental air sampling strategies
  • Air sampling procedures (including particulate and gas phase interactions, size-selective health hazard samplers, and measurement and presentation of aerosol size distributions)
  • Instrument calibration and quality assurance (including performance testing criteria)
  • Air movers and samplers
  • Aerosol filters and filter holders; impactors, cyclones, and other inertial gravitational collectors; electrostatic and thermal precipitators; and direct-reading instruments
  • Gases and vapors (topics include sample collectors; detector tubes, direct-reading passive badges, and dosimeter tubes)
  • Special topics and applications (areas of discussion include: denuder systems and diffusion batteries, sampling from ducts and stacks, sampling airborne radioactivity, airborne microorganisms and aeroallergens, and direct-reading detection instruments for occupational and environmental air monitoring)
  • Individual instrument descriptions and photographs
  • Tables listing available air sampling instruments, their major features, and commercial vendors
ACGIH® Signature Publications Series recommends purchasing Air Sampling Instrument Selection Guide: Indoor Air Quality as a companion to Air Sampling Instruments. This handy guide offers the information you need to select the appropriate air sampling instruments for indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations. Prepared by the ACGIH® Committee on Air Sampling, this special selection guide covers:
  • Measurements for carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Oxides of nitrogen, formaldehyde, ozone, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, and bioaerosols
Tables listing available instruments and their capabilities follow each Chapter's Instrument Description section. A complete list of manufacturers is also included. To order these publications, please use the following information:
  • Air Sampling Instruments, 9th Edition © 2001, ACGIH®, hardcover, 752 pgs., ISBN: 1-882417-39-9, Publication #0031. ACGIH® Member Price: 1-19: $107.95 + S/H, 20 +: $86.36. Nonmember Price: 1-19: $119.95 + S/H, 20+: $95.96 + S/H.
  • Air Sampling Instrument Selection Guide: Indoor Air Quality © 1998, ACGIH®, spiral bound, 56 pgs., ISBN: 1-882417-27-5, Publication #9852. ACGIH® Member Price: $22.50 + S/H. Nonmember Price: $25.00 + S/H
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