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ACGIH® Honors Its 2010 Awards Recipients



Cincinnati, Ohio — May 11, 2010 — ACGIH® will honor its 2010 Awards recipients at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo held May 22–27, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. Each year, ACGIH® honors individuals and/or groups who have made significant contributions to the profession through their leadership and dedication. This year's awardees join that distinguished list.

Herbert E. Stokinger Award Recipient: Bruce D. Naumann, PhD, DABT

The Herbert E. Stokinger Award is given each year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the broad field of industrial and environmental toxicology.

Dr. Naumann is a Senior Principal Scientist and Director of Occupational and Environmental Toxicology at Merck. In this role he provides leadership and technical guidance to the Company on a broad range of occupational, environmental and industrial toxicology issues. He Chairs Merck's Industrial Toxicology Advisory Committee, which sets formal health-based exposure standards to support worker protection and product quality.

Dr. Naumann has over 25 years of experience as an occupational toxicologist in the pharmaceutical industry, working at Ciba-Geigy (now part of Novartis) and Abbott Laboratories before coming to Merck. He is certified by the American Board of Toxicology and is a lecturer at the New York University School of Medicine in the Department of Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Naumann is the author or co-author of numerous manuscripts and book chapters focusing on improving the use of science in risk assessment. He received the HERA Human Health Risk Assessment Paper of the Year award in 2001 from the editors of the journal Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. He also received an award from the Risk Assessment Specialty Section of the Society of Toxicology for an outstanding paper advancing the science of risk assessment in 2002.

Dr. Naumann has served on both the AIHA WEEL Committee and the ACGIH® Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances (TLV®-CS) Committee and was the liaison between the two committees for several years. Since joining the TLV®-CS Committee he has served on all three subcommittees and co-chaired the D&I subcommittee for several years.

Dr. Naumann's contributions have earned him a place on the list of esteemed recipients of the Herbert E. Stokinger Award.

John J. Bloomfield Award Recipient: Shannon Henshaw Gaffney, PhD, CIH

The John J. Bloomfield Award is presented to a young industrial hygienist who pursues the problem of occupational health hazards primarily by doing fieldwork, and who demonstrates significant contribution to the profession.

As a Managing Health Scientist at ChemRisk, a consulting firm focused on human health risk assessment based in San Francisco, California, Dr. Gaffney is responsible for conducting exposure assessments, dose reconstruction studies, and health risk assessments of workers, as well as citizens exposed to industrial chemicals. Often, she leads teams of scientists investigating atypical exposure scenarios, such as contaminated products, tainted foods, and indirect exposure to persistent chemicals. She has co-authored over a dozen papers on various issues, including exposure to organic vapors, irritants, particulates, and metals.

Dr. Gaffney became a Certified Industrial Hygienist in 2007, and is a graduate of the AIHA Future Leaders Institute. She has been actively involved in AIHA, and has participated in various professional committees and task forces, including the joint AIHA/ACGIH® Permanent Conference Committee.

Dr. Gaffney's dedication to occupational safety and health is evident in her work and she continues to make significant contributions to the profession.

Meritorious Achievement Award Recipient: Patricia Stewart, PhD, CIH

The Meritorious Achievement Award is given to members of ACGIH® who have made outstanding, long-term contributions to the field of occupational health and industrial hygiene.

Dr. Stewart worked as an OSHA compliance officer from 1974–1977 and then moved to OSHA's National office. In 1982 she went to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) where she remained until she retired in 2006. She still works under contract with the NCI to complete several studies still in progress.

At NCI, Dr. Stewart supported occupational epidemiology studies by assessing past exposures. She has assessed a wide variety of exposures, including formaldehyde, acrylonitrile, solvents, and diesel exhaust in more than 10 cohort studies and lead, pesticides, metal working fluids and solvents in more than 25 case-control studies. Her research includes developing methods to improve exposure assessment methods in epidemiologic studies.

Dr. Stewart has been a member of ACGIH® since 1974 and served on the Board of Directors as a Member-at-Large from 1985–1987. Dr. Stewart has served on the organizing committee of several exposure assessment conferences and on various governmental and international committees including the International Agency for Research on Cancer. She has served as a reviewer for numerous occupational health journals, has authored over 160 publications, and has mentored 14 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.

Dr. Stewart's dedication and service to the occupational health and industrial hygiene profession, and her commitment to ACGIH®'s mission render her a worthy recipient of the Meritorious Achievement Award.

William Steiger Memorial Award Recipient: Scott Schneider, CIH

The William Steiger Memorial Award honors individuals from the social/political sphere whose efforts have contributed to advancements in occupational safety and health.

Mr. Schneider has been the Director of Occupational Safety and Health for the Laborers' Health and Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA) for the past 11 years. He received his Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) designation in 1989, and has been involved in occupational safety and health work for the Labor Movement for the past 29 years.

Mr. Schneider is a member of several safety and health committees for the AFL-CIO, Building Trades, AIHA technical committees, and the ANSI A10 standard committee. He has published many scientific articles and reviews on construction ergonomics. His main areas of interest and expertise are ergonomics in construction; preventing hearing loss among construction workers; and roadway safety. Mr. Schneider served as: the Ergonomics column editor for the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene; a Labor Representative on the OSHA Advisory Committee for Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) (2003–2005); and a member of the NIOSH Board of Scientific Counselors (2006–2009). In 1999, he was elected as a Fellow member of AIHA.

ACGIH® is pleased to honor Mr. Schneider as the recipient of this year's William Steiger Memorial Award.

Note to Reporters: Photos of the Awards recipients are available upon request.

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