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ACGIH® Honors Its 2011 Awards Recipients



Cincinnati, Ohio — May 6, 2011 — ACGIH® will honor its 2011 Awards recipients at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition held May 14–19, 2011 in Portland, Oregon. Each year, ACGIH® honors individuals and/or groups who have made significant contributions to the profession through their leadership and dedication. This year's awardees join that distinguished list.

Herbert E. Stokinger Award Recipient: Professor Len Levy OBE, PhD, FFOM, FBTS

The Herbert E. Stokinger Award is given each year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the broad field of industrial and environmental toxicology.

Dr. Levy is currently an Emeritus Professor of Environmental Health in the Institute of Environment and Health at the University of Cranfield, United Kingdom. Prior to this position, he was Head of Toxicology and Risk Assessment at the UK Medical Research Council's Institute for Environment and Health at the University of Leicester.

An internationally-known occupational and environmental toxicologist and risk assessor, Dr. Levy holds a doctorate in experimental pathology from the Institute of Cancer Research in London. He has held academic positions at the University of Aston, where he developed courses in occupational toxicology and established an Industrial Toxicology Unit to research mechanisms and causes of occupational cancer and give advice to industry, trade unions and government departments. He has also held academic positions at the University of Birmingham's Institute of Occupational Health, where he was a Reader in Occupational Health and continued his research in the causes and mechanisms of occupational cancer. In addition, he developed a Master's course in Occupational Health.

Dr. Levy has published more than 250 papers on occupational carcinogenesis, occupational and environmental toxicology, risk assessment and risk management and the regulatory aspects of both environmental and occupational air standards. In 2000, he was awarded an OBE for Services to Health and Safety. He currently serves as Chair of the influential UK Interdepartmental Group on Health Risks from Chemicals (IGHRC) on behalf of the UK Government.

Dr. Levy is an independent member on the UK's Health and Safety Commission's Working Group on the Assessment of Toxic Chemicals (WATCH) and the Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances (ACTS), as well as the UK nominee and Vice-Chair of the EU Scientific Committee on Occupational Exposure Limits (SCOEL), DG EMP. He is a member of the Veterinary Products Committee (VPC) and Chair of two of its sub-committees (Medical and Scientific Panel and Hormones Subgroup). Dr. Levy has been an invited Working Group member to 12 IARC Monograph meetings (WHO, Lyon) on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans and has recently chaired two of these meetings. He has conducted occupational and environmental risk assessments on many different types of substances, ranging from pesticides to metals and solvents, including recently focusing on the susceptibility of young children for lead. He has led teams that produced a large number of Criteria Documents used for setting Occupational Exposure Limits, both in the UK and the EU.

Dr. Levy's contributions have earned him a place on the list of esteemed recipients of the Herbert E. Stokinger Award.

John J. Bloomfield Award Recipient: Lilia Chen, MS, CIH

The John J. Bloomfield Award is presented to a young industrial hygienist who pursues the problem of occupational health hazards primarily by doing fieldwork, and who demonstrates significant contribution to the profession.

Ms. Chen began at NIOSH in 2006 in a fellowship position and has been working in the Agency's Health Hazard Evaluation Program since that time. Her passion for industrial hygiene, and fieldwork in particular, were immediately evident. She has continued to grow and excel in the job as evidenced by her many accomplishments and awards since coming to NIOSH. She has been assigned to over 50 NIOSH health hazard evaluations as the industrial hygiene project officer. Many of these evaluations have involved fieldwork, though some did not, focusing on a review of past evaluations by others and of the scientific literature. These evaluations have provided recommendations for improving workplace conditions and minimizing potentially hazardous exposures. Ms. Chens's work has covered a wide variety of workplaces and hazards such as indoor environmental quality; noise exposures during surgery; radiation concerns in mining; silica and other hazards in art education and pottery making; trichloramines and other disinfection byproduct exposures in recreational waterparks and poultry manufacturing; orthophthalaldehyde exposures in healthcare settings; and histoplasmosis concerns from exposures to pigeon droppings.

Ms. Chen received a BS degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts in May, 1999 and an MS degree in Public Health/Industrial Hygiene from the University of Illinois at Chicago in December, 2005. Ms. Chen continues to further her knowledge and expertise through continuing education and challenging work assignments. In addition, she recently received her CIH, sitting for the exam as soon as she was able.

As a young industrial hygienist, Ms. Chen has already made numerous contributions to the field and is expected to continue to do so given her strong commitment to industrial hygiene, her hardworking nature, and her excellent leadership and communication skills.

Meritorious Achievement Award Recipient: Jimmy L. Perkins, PhD, CIH

The Meritorious Achievement Award is given to members of ACGIH® who have made outstanding, long-term contributions to the field of occupational health and industrial hygiene.

Dr. Perkins began his academic career at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he spent 15 years in part as IH Program Director and Department Chair. In 1986, he joined the UT SPH San Antonio Regional Campus as Regional Dean, Professor, and member of the IH faculty. Dr. Perkins was certified in the comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene by ABIH in 1982. He has worked in the petroleum industry and with a wide range of industries including foundries, specialty metals, poultry, printing, telecommunications, mining and petrochemicals. He has presented short courses in Kenya, Australia, Colombia, South Africa, and Mexico.

Dr. Perkins has served the profession as a member of the NIOSH Safety and Occupational Health Study Section, and peer reviewer and site visitor for NIOSH, EPA, and DOD. He was a member of ASTM F23 on protective clothing (1986) for 25 years and received the Outstanding Service Award in 1990. He was Chair of the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, and held various officer positions in the Alamo and Alabama AIHA local sections. He has served as a member of the Long Range Planning Task Force on Continuing Education and as Chair of the Protective Clothing Committee for AIHA. He was also a member of the Institute of Medicine Committee on Personal Protective Equipment for Workplace Safety and Health.

Dr. Perkins has been a member of ACGIH® since 1985. He was a member of the Board of Directors from 2007 through 2010 and served as Chair in 2009. He has served on the AIHce Strategic Planning Committee, the Editorial Review Board of Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, and as a member of the Permanent Conference Committee and the Scientific Symposium Task Force for AIHce. In 2003 he received the Advocacy Award from TRUST for Smoke Free Texas.

Dr. Perkins' publications span a wide range of topics including environmental exposure assessment, dermal exposure risk management, air and water quality, and hazardous waste. His most recent research used modeled air pollution levels, including speciated particulate matter, and effect estimates from dozens of epidemiological studies to examine health risks associated with coal-fired power plants. He also authors the Modern Industrial Hygiene series in ACGIH®'s Signature Publications.

Dr. Perkins' dedication and service to the occupational health and industrial hygiene profession, and his commitment to ACGIH®'s mission render him a worthy recipient of the Meritorious Achievement Award.

William Steiger Memorial Award Recipient: Roger Alesbury, MS, FFOH, CFIOSH

The William Steiger Memorial Award honors individuals from the social/political sphere whose efforts have contributed to advancements in occupational safety and health.

Mr. Alesbury is a founder director of The Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) and chairs its Leadership Group. OHTA is a non-profit voluntary organization providing global training and qualifications programs to protect worker health. An engineer by training, Mr. Alesbury spent most of his career working internationally as an Industrial Hygienist in the oil and chemical industries. For a decade prior to retirement, he was Director of Industrial Hygiene for BP.

Mr. Alesbury has a Master's degree in occupational hygiene from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and received the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) Diploma of Professional Competence in 1980. He is a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Hygiene, Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, a Past President of the Institute of Occupational Hygienists and Past President of BOHS.

Mr. Alesbury has served on numerous British, European and industry committees on a wide range of safety, health and environmental issues. He is presently a member of the Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances and the Council for Work and Health. He has published many articles and reviews on his main areas of interest relating to control of exposures from the work environment and building occupational hygiene capability in developing countries.

ACGIH® is pleased to honor Mr. Alesbury as the recipient of this year's William Steiger Memorial Award.

Note to Reporters: Photos of the Awards recipients are available upon request.

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