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ACGIH® Issues New Strategic Long-Range Plan


ACGIH® Press Release


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Amy Bloomhuff, Esq., CAE
Director of Operations
For Immediate Release
December 19, 2006



Cincinnati, Ohio — December 19, 2006 — ACGIH® announced today that it has revised its strategic long-range plan to begin in 2007. In July 2006, a strategic planning group consisting of the ACGIH® Board of Directors, invited members and senior staff came together to develop a long-range strategic direction. The Strategic Long-Range Plan document that resulted is the group's consensus on what will constitute ACGIH®'s success in the future.

Bob Soule, ACGIH® Chair, set the finalization of an improved Strategic Plan as a major goal during his term as Board Chair. He noted, "I have been blessed with a dedicated Board of Directors who pitched in and helped me to accomplish a goal I had set just a little more than a year ago — to undertake a comprehensive review of our Strategic Long-Range Plan; to assure that it met the contemporary needs of ACGIH®, its members and its customers; to fix it where it needed fixing; and to assure that it would be used and kept up-to-date by future Boards." Dr. Soule added, "Following a full day with a preeminent consultant to voluntary association boards, our Board worked diligently to arrive at a revised strategic plan for ACGIH®, and I am pleased with the results."

Emanating from a succinct core purpose, — To advance occupational and environmental health — are three long-range goals. The following represents ACGIH®'s long-range goals that encompass its three to five year direction. These goals are outcome-oriented statements that lead ACGIH® towards its envisioned future. These goals are not in any order of priority. All of the goals will need to be accomplished if ACGIH® is to fully achieve its three to five year quest.

By 2012:


  • ACGIH® will be its members' dominant resource for the integration and exchange of scientific and technical knowledge.
  • ACGIH® will be a leading source for information and knowledge about occupational and environmental health.
  • ACGIH® will be a powerful force for creating an environment to improve worker health.

The entire ACGIH® strategic long-range plan is available for review online at For more information, please contact Tony Rizzuto, ACGIH® Executive Director, at (513) 742-6172 or

ACGIH® is a member-based organization that advances occupational and environmental health. ACGIH® is one of the industry?s leading publications resources, with approximately 400 titles relative to occupational and environmental health and safety, including the renowned TLVs® and BEIs®. For more information, visit the ACGIH® website at or call our Customer Service Representatives at 513-742-2020.

Amy Bloomhuff, Esq., CAE
Director of Operations