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ACGIH® Presents Mold, Moisture & Remediation Workshop



Cincinnati, Ohio — June 21, 2006 — ACGIH® is pleased to offer this popular workshop to its members and others in the occupational health and safety profession on November 13-16, 2006.

The Mold, Moisture & Remediation Workshop is held at the ACGIH® Professional Learning Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This four-day workshop presents attendees with practical hands-on information and in-depth experience regarding mold and mold remediation methods, as well as a clear plan and strategy for sampling that can be implemented in the workplace. Workshop instructors will discuss strategies and job specifications for mold remediation projects, as well as EPS mold remediation in schools and commercial buildings. Other select topics include:

  • Environmental Sampling and Sample Analysis and Interpretation
  • Bioaerosol Sampling: Sampling Principles and Examples of Bioaerosol Samplers
  • Analysis Techniques: Cultivation and Biochemical and Chemical Methods
  • Microbial Remediation: Remediation Specifications and Methods, Decontamination, Health and Safety Plan, Respiratory Protection, and Consultant/Contractor Perspective
  • Moisture in Buildings: How Moisture Gets into Buildings, the Relationship Between Air, Moisture, and Temperature, Bulk Water, and Moisture Assessment Tools and Methods
  • Investigation of the Health Effects of Mold Exposure in the Home and Workplace
  • Litigation: Current Legislation in the United States and Compliance
  • Health Effects: Infectious Disease and Toxicological Response
Each participant will receive a hands-on demonstration of sampling techniques and analysis, ACGIH®'s Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control and a CD-ROM of all presentations and case studies.

Post-workshop surveys have indicated that attendees were impressed with the workshop. Dr. Gary Rodabaugh, who attended the May 2002 workshop, exclaimed this is "the most valuable seminar I have attended in the last decade!" Registrants are encouraged to enroll early to ensure a seat because the seats go fast!

The American Board of Industrial Hygiene has approved the workshop for 4.0 Industrial Hygiene Certification Maintenance (CM) Points. The Board of Certified Safety Professionals has approved the workshop for 2.0 Continuance of Certification (COC) Points.

Those interested in participating in the Mold, Moisture & Remediation Workshops can register online by visiting the ACGIH® website at, and completing the online registration form. Organizations sending four or more attendees will save $50.00 on each registration.

ACGIH® is a member-based organization that advances worker health and safety through education and the development and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge. ACGIH® is one of the industry's leading publications resources, with approximately 400 titles relative to occupational and environmental health and safety, including the renowned TLVs® and BEIs®. For more information, visit the ACGIH® website at or call our Customer Service Representatives at 513-742-2020.

Amy Bloomhuff, Esq., CAE
Director of Operations