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Upcoming Webinars

July 6–September 4
Summer Series Inaugural Event – Virtual Scientific Education

September 16
WEBINAR – Respiratory Protection Pitfalls: OSHA Citations & How to Avoid Them

October 21
WEBINAR – Using the ACGIH® TLV® for Lifting

November 18
WEBINAR – The ACGIH® Cold Stress TLV®: Science & Use 

Complimentary Webinars

Updates to the 2020 ACGIH® TLVs® and BEIs® Book
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Utilization of the ACGIH
® TLVs® and BEIs® Book
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With ACGIH® bundled webinars you get instant access to multiple webinars that you can complete at your convenience, where and when it works best for you.  .

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Purchase Recorded Webinars

ACGIH®’s collection of recorded webinars provides a convenient and cost-effective way to earn continuing education credit while also improving your skills. Webinars can be purchased and viewed on your own or with a group.

The purchase of a recorded recording of a webinar includes access to the presentation, all handouts, and one test. Additional tests can be purchased for other attendees.

NEWLY RELEASED! Use of Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation as a Control to Limit Airborne Transmission

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ACGIH® is dedicated to providing quality, scientific, educational events. One method of doing this is to offer distance-learning webinars. A webinar, short for Web-based seminar, is a presentation, lecture, or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet. A key feature of a webinar is its interactive elements — the ability to give, receive and discuss information. Webinars are as effective as on-site presentations without the travel expense. An ACGIH® webinar can be of various durations and consists of a live presentation given via the Internet with an audio telephone link similar to that of a conference call.

Each webinar may qualify for ABIH CM credit and BSCP Continuance of Certification points. To receive confirmation of attendance, attendees must view the webinar and submit a final exam and evaluation. Each webinar includes one test. Additional tests can be purchased for other attendees.  

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If you are interested in a particular topic for a future webinar, submit your request at http://www.acgih.org/contact-us. Please select Professional Development & Events from the drop down list and include your contact information and a brief description of the event outline.