The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 11 No 10 - October 2014

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Simulated Transfer of Liquids and Powders from Hands and Clothing to the Mouth

Melanie Gorman Ng, Martie van Tongeren and Sean Semple
1. In experiments in which the mouth was wiped with the arm, the proportion of liquid and powder that transferred to the mouth was higher from bare arms. True or False?

2. What is inadvertent ingestion?

Evaluation of Particles Released from Single-wall Carbon Nanotube/Polymer Composites With or Without Thermal Aging by an Accelerated Abrasion Test

Lin Jiang, Akira Kondo, Masahiro Shigeta, Shigehisa Endoh, Mitsugu Uejima, Isamu Ogura and Makio Naito
3. This article demonstrated that the developed shot blast system worked effectively as a sensitive accelerated test for assessing particle release in polymer nanocomposites. True or False?

4. Matrix heat-degradation pretreatment hardly influenced the level of particle release. True or False?

Vortex Ventilation in the Laboratory Environment

Lawrence R. Meisenzahl
5. A laboratory chemical hood is a constant volume air flow device that provides variable face velocity as a function of sash position. True or False?

6. As air flows through a laboratory chemical hood, a stable vortex is formed due to:

Evaluation of Engineering Controls for the Mixing of Flavorings Containing Diacetyl and Other Volatile Ingredients

Deborah V.L. Hirst, Kevin H. Dunn, Stanley A. Shulman, Duane R. Hammond and Nicholas Sestito
7. Which ventilated hood had the lowest performance for a 2.83 m3/min flow rate and when 30 m/min cross draft was applied?

8. Where was the tracer gas sampled to calculate capture efficiency?

Rating Locomotive Crew Diesel Emission Exposure Profiles Using Statistics and Bayesian Decision Analysis

Paul Hewett and William H. Bullock
9. A locomotive is typically operated in the “short hood forward” position, which places the crew cab in front of the exhaust stacks during the run. True or False?

10. The average level of elemental carbon (EC) in the cabs of the lead locomotives was considerably different from average levels reported for urban and residential settings. True or False?

A Novel Method for Designing and Fabricating Low-cost Facepiece Prototypes

Paula S. Joe, Phillip C. Shum, David W. Brown and Claudiu T. Lungu
11. Which of these techniques was not used to fabricate the customized facepiece?

12. This study aimed to develop a method to create respirator facepieces customized to the new NIOSH headforms, based on three face sizes of the PCA fit test panel. True or False?

Replacing Effective Spectral Radiance by Temperature in Occupational Exposure Limits to Protect Against Retinal Thermal Injury from Light and Near IR Radiation

Faramarz Majidi and Ali Behroozy
13. Exposure to visible light and near infrared (NIR) radiation in the wavelength region of 380 to 1400 nm may cause thermal retinal injury. True or False?

14. This technique would be expected to work well for non-blackbody sources. True or False?

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