The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 11 No 7 - July 2014

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Modeled Effectiveness of Ventilation with Contaminant Control Devices on Indoor Air Quality in Swine Farrowing Facility

T. Renée Anthony, Ralph Altmaier, Jae Hong Park and Thomas M. Peters
1. Why were simulations performed during winter months?

2. What did the simulations identify as the most cost-effective method to reduce CO2 concentrations in the room?

Repetitive Box Lifting Performance is Impaired in a Hot Environment: Implications for Altered Work-Rest Cycles

Carl M. Maresh, Bulent Sökmen, Lawrence E. Armstrong, Joao C. Dias, J. Luke Pryor, Brent C. Creighton, Colleen X. Muñoz, Jenna M. Apicella, Douglas J. Casa, Elaine C. Lee, Jeffery M. Anderson and William J. Kraemer
3. What is an appropriate work:rest cycle to maintain worker safety and productivity when engaging in heavy workloads under environmental conditions exceeding 30.0° C WBGT?

4. Which measurements are indicative of increased physiological stress while engaging in physical activity in oppressively hot conditions compared to thermoneutral environments?

Efficacy of Face Shields against Cough Aerosol Droplets from a Cough Simulator

William G. Lindsley, John D. Noti, Francoise M. Blachere, Jonathan V. Szalajda and Donald H. Beezhold
5. A face shield combined with a surgical mask provides an acceptable alternative to wearing a respirator for respiratory protection. True or False?

6. A face shield can reduce the surface contamination of a respirator worn beneath it, which may reduce the transfer of infectious material to gloves. True or False?

Performance Evaluation of Currently Used Portable X-ray Fluorescence Instruments for Measuring the Lead Content of Paint in Field Samples

Yan Muller, Philippe Favreau and Marcel Kohler

7. Based on an action limit of 1 mg/cm2, devices that allow single L shell excitation demonstrate substantially higher rates of _______ results than for K shell based instruments.

8. The paint content in cations (Zn, Ba, Ti) is the major factor influencing the lead concentration measured with a portable XRF instrument allowing K-shell excitation. True or False?

Exposure to Chlorpyrifos in Gaseous and Particulate Form in Greenhouses: A Pilot Study

Seung Won Kim, Eun Gyung Lee, Taekhee Lee, Larry A. Lee and Martin Harper
9. An organic chemical that is typically present in both vapor and aerosol phases is referred to as:

10.Although the total concentrations of chlorpyrifos in the air of greenhouses fell over time, the fraction of the total in the vapor phase generally increased. True or False?

Inactivation of Dust Mites, Dust Mite Allergen, and Mold from Carpet

Kee-Hean Ong, Roger D. Lewis, Anupma Dixit, Maureen MacDonald, Mingan Yang and Zhengmin Qian
11.What carpet treatment method works best in reducing the amount of dust mite in carpet?

12. From this study, the steam-vapor carpet treatment method is the most effective to remove mold, dust mite and dust mite allergen from carpet in the field. True or False?

Comparison of Means of Two Lognormal Distributions Based on Samples with Multiple Detection Limits

K. Krishnamoorthy, Thomas Mathew and Zhao Xu
13. The relatively common statistical strategy of replacing nondetects with a fraction of the detection limit is a reasonable strategy when the proportion of nondetects is large. True or False?

14. The primary difference between the present work and cited work by Krishnamoorthy and Xu is which of the following?

Deadline for answers is August 31, 2014. Answers will be available online on September 12, 2014.