The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 12 No 12 - December 2015

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Exposure Assessment for Carbon Dioxide Gas: Full Shift Average and Short-term Measurement Approaches

R. Jedd Hill and Philip A. Smith



Individualized Prediction of Heat Stress in Firefighters: A Data-driven Approach Using Classification and Regression Trees

Ashutosh Mani, Marepalli Rao, Kelley James and Amit Bhattacharya

3. What is the upper threshold of industrial hyperthermia?

3. Answer key:
4. Predicting heat stress in firefighters is important because (check all that apply):

Retrospective Exposure Assessment for Occupational Disease of an Individual Worker Using an Exposure Database and Trend Analysis

Derrick A. Chung, Rui (Rain) Yang, Dave K. Verma and Jun Luo

5. The two highest quality of exposure data for Individual worker’s retrospective exposure assessment are: (1) period specific data from worker’s employer(s) and (2) Period specific data from government Inspections reports. True or False?

6. The Trend Analysis in conjunction with regression tool such as Joinpoint can be used to predict exposure beyond a few years of a dataset. True or False?

Temperature Measurement inside Protective Headgear: Comparison with Core Temperatures and Indicators of Physiological Strain during Exercise in a Hot Environment

Joel B. Mitchell, Kelly R. Goldston, Amy N. Adams, Kelli M. Crisp, Brian B. Franklin, Andreas Kreutzer, Diego X. Mantalvo, Marcell G. Turner and Melody D. Phillips

7. A surface temperature probe mounted inside protective headgear can provide estimations of elevated core temperature. True or False?

8. The relationship between conventional (rectal and esophageal) temperature measurements and those detected by a surface temperature probe mounted inside protective headgear is:

Effects of the NFL’s Amendments to the Free Kick Rule on Injuries during the 2010 and 2011 Seasons

Peter S. Ruestow, Tina J. Duke, Brent L. Finley and Jennifer S. Pierce

9. According to the industrial hygiene hierarchy of controls, which of the following interventions/requirements would we expect to have the greatest impact on overall injury rates among NFL Special Teams players on kickoffs?

10. As a result of the NFL’s 2011 Free Kick rule change, the risk of head injury was lowered to a greater extent than the risk of injury to other body parts. True or False?

Systematic Evaluation of the Relationship between Physical and Psychoacoustical Measurements of Hearing Protectors’ Attenuation

Hugues Nélisse, Cécile Le Cocq, Jérôme Boutin, Frédéric Laville and Jérémie Voix

11. Which of the following terms could NOT be used to describe a method for the evaluation of attenuation?

12. Generally performance ratings might be used to estimate noise exposure under a protector by subtracting their values from the A or C-weighted overall noise level. True or False?

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Answers will be available online on January 15, 2016.