The Action Level!® Quiz - Volume 12 No 11 - November 2015

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Performing T-tests to Compare Autocorrelated Time Series Data Collected from Direct-reading Instruments

Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Joseph E. Cavanaugh

1. Performing a t-test to test the means of two data sets containing autocorrelated data values will have a much lower probability of incorrectly rejecting the null hypothesis than the stated level of confidence. True or False?

2. The ______________ statistic can be used to determine whether a time series of data obtained from a direct-reading instrument contains successive values that are autocorrelated.

Inward Leakage Variability between Respirator Fit Test Panels – Part I. Deterministic Approach

Ziqing Zhuang, Yuewei Liu, Christopher C. Coffey, Colleen Miller and Jonathan Szalajda

3. Inter-panel variability in inward leakage data of filtering facepiece respirators and elastomeric half-mask respirators is the same as inter-subject variability. True or False?

4. Fit testing conducted in the field is not error free, i.e., when passing the fit test, the worker is occasionally assigned a respirator that does not fit the worker. True or False?

Client Perceptions of Occupational Health and Safety Management System Assistance Provided by OSHA On-site Consultation: Results of a Survey of Colorado Small Business Consultation Clients

Daniel A. Autenrieth, William J. Brazile, David P. Gilkey, Stephen J. Reynolds, Cathy June and Del Sandfort

5. On average, the overall numeric response rate of the Revised OSHA Form 33 attributes was:

6. Detailed comments and suggestions provided with the Revised OSHA Form 33 were particularly helpful for clients to make improvements in their occupational health and safety management system. True or False?

Effect of Pregnancy upon Facial Anthropometrics and Respirator Fit Testing

Raymond J. Roberge, Jung-Hyun Kim, Andrew Palmiero and Jeffrey B. Powell

7. Which of the following considerations regarding respirator fit testing of pregnant women is false?

7. Answer key:
8. Healthy pregnant women who adhere to the Institute of Medicine’s weight gain guidelines during pregnancy are likely to experience which of the following with regard to facial anthropometric measurements?

Comparison of Single-point and Continuous Sampling Methods for Estimating Residential Indoor Temperature and Humidity

James D. Johnston, Brianna M. Magnusson, Dennis Eggett, Scott C. Collingwood and Scott A. Bernhardt

9. Based on the results of this study, a single-point sampling strategy would be least appropriate for estimating indoor relative humidity over which of the following time periods?

10. Which one of the following factors was identified as a potential source of error when using handheld thermo-hygrometers to evaluate residential relative humidity?

Assessment of Exposure to Perchloroethylene and its Clinical Repercussions for 50 Dry-cleaning Employees

D. Lucas, A. Hervé, R. Lucas, C. Cabioch, P. Capellmann, A. Nicolas, A. Bodenes and D. Jegaden

11. The exposed population was typical in showing excessive signs of drowsiness from the perchloroethylene (PCE) exposures. True or False?

12. Which of the following represents the best conclusion that might be formed from this work?

Manganese Fractionation Using a Sequential Extraction Method to Evaluate Welders’ Shielded Metal Arc Welding Exposures during Construction Projects in Oil Refineries

Kevin W. Hanley, Ronnee Andrews, Steven Bertke and Kevin Ashley

13. Most of the welders were also exposed to grinding dust in addition to fumes from gas metal arc welding (GMAW). True or False?

14. Which of the following is likely the most accurate statement regarding toxicity of Mn as a function of oxidation state?

14. Answer key:

Electromagnetic Fields Associated with Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Electric Power Generating Facilities

R.A. Tell, H.C. Hooper, G.G. Sias, G. Mezei, P. Hung and R. Kavet

15. The goal of the measurement exercises was to cover all possible locations within the facilities described. True or False?

16. Data collected in this work generally indicate that fields across the spectrum comply with established exposure limits for ‘controlled’ environments (IEEE) or occupational groups (ICNIRP). True or False?

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Answers will be available online on December 11, 2015.